Whether you are self-employed or trading as a limited company, you should be aware that you are liable to pay tax

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Most self employed Personal Trainers and Coaches work between multiple clubs, visiting several locations, as well as private houses. The subject of mileage is consequently likely to depend on individual circumstances and frequency at one particular site. 

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A career in Healthcare Professional is more than strategy, patterns and analysing others’ needs and helping them improve, 

You are:

  • Fitness Instructor

  • Yoga Instructor

  • Dance Trainer

  • Boxing Trainer

  • Pilates Trainer

  • Zumba Instructor

  • Swimming Teacher

  • Diet and Nutrition Consultant

  • Wellness Coach


What expenses can I claim as a personal trainer or fitness instructor?

  • Bank charges for a business bank account

  • Rent costs for studio or use of the gym to train clients

  • Training equipment e.g. tapes and bandages, exercise balls and mats, exercise bands, massage balls, boxing gloves, skipping rope, stopwatches, massage oil, hot and cold packs, supports and braces, gloves, hand sanitiser, paper towels, and disinfectant

  • Travel costs if not to your permanent place of work

  • Training costs to maintaining your skills

  • Advertising and Marketing costs

  • Subscriptions such as Zoom and Calendar booking systems

  • Legal and financial costs e.g. accountants and public liability insurance

  • Website design, hosting and maintenance

  • Printing costs

  • Postage and packaging costs

  • Use of home

  • Mileage for using your own car to visit customers at home

  • Leaflets and stationery

  • Workwear

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