Whether you are delivering food (Deliveroo) or you are a multi-drop driver (Amazon), using a bike or a van our customers come first and we pride ourselves on making sure you find exactly what you have in mind

Food Delivery

You are:

  • Delivery Driver

  • Multidrop delivery driver

  • Same day delivery driver

  • Taxi driver

  • Using a bike

  • Using a car

  • Using a van

What expenses can I claim as a delivery & taxi driver?

  • ​Car purchase (see below)

  • Car lease (see below)

  • Business bank charges

  • Mobile phone 

  • Car cleaning

  • Accountants fee

  • Tools and parking charges

  • Membership

  • Subscription, commission, and service charges


Leasing a car

Delivery Men

Car/Van purchase

If you choose to buy a vehicle for work, then you are entitled to claim for the business portion of the cost against your taxes. Under HMRC rules you cannot claim for the full amount of the car in one tax year.

Instead, you’ll need to claim for a portion of the car cost, depending on its emissions using capital allowances at set percentages

Using you own car 

If you are using your own car for delivery (business purposes) then you can choose to claim an amount for the number of miles you drive. You’ll need to record the number of miles you do, keeping a detailed log of where you have traveled, and then claim the set amount by HMRC, currently 45p for the first 10,000 miles of driving and 25p thereafter for cars and 24p for motorbikes.

If you choose to use this method then you cannot claim for the cost of your car, servicing and insurance

When you lease a vehicle you are allowed to claim the monthly cost of the lease against your taxes as well as fuel, servicing, insurance and repairs. Again, you can only claim the business portion of the car lease and expenses

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