Private Tutors

Becoming a private tutor is rewarding and enjoyable


Private tutors provide one-on-one educational assistance.

Work with students to improve their skills in certain subjects. Evaluate students' progress and discuss the results with students and/or their parents.

Identify students' individual learning needs.

You are:

  • Language Teacher

  • Music Teacher

  • Academic Teacher

  • I.T Teacher

  • Business Teacher

  • Arts Teachers

  • Dance Instructor

Pianoforte lesson

What expenses can I claim as a private tutor?

Making Tapas
  • Stationery;

  • Reference Books;

  • Course Materials;

  • Computer;

  • Printer;

  • Website design, hosting and maintenance;

  • Phone;

  • Internet;

  • Travel;

  • Mileage for using your own car to visit students;

  • Some food;

  • Use of home;

  • Training courses for maintaining your skills;

  • Marketing and Advertising;

  • Accountants fees;

  • Bank charges for a business bank account;

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